So by late last night my sides, just by my ribs and round my back, were starting to feel quite tender particularly if I sneezed or laughed and as I’m heading towards the end of a cold as you might imagine I am sneezing quite a lot at the moment….ouch! Why are my sides aching I asked myself, it’s not like I was doing any core strength exercises yesterday….only reason I could come up with is that I’ve got so unfit all the huffing and puffing during the 5K run has done it…how bad is that, never had that before now and still feeling pretty tender today!

Legs on the other hand are OK…so far. So, decided I’d maybe head for a run around lunchtime and do the strength exercises ahead of the run. Just realised looking back at yesterday’s post I put down 10 lunges – I did actually do 20, just a typo on my behalf, d’oh! I haven’t fallen off the wagon…just yet! Today was 55 squats, 25 lunges and 20 seconds wall sit…all done, yay! Squats and lunges are OK and think I’ll still be OK with them as the challenge progresses and the numbers increase but 300 seconds of wall sit by day 30…mmmm, we’ll have to see about that! Hoping maybe a couple more Janathoners might join me on these challenges? 🙂

Run today was a short one, one of the round the block options by my Mum and Dad’s (the one with less hills!). Beautiful day for a run, sun was shining and the wind had died down a lot from yesterday. Decided to take it slow and steady and just enjoy being able to run outside on such a nice day – luckily I’m not back at work until 7th so I plan on making as much of the daylight runs as possible. Today I didn’t stop to walk once and was marginally quicker than yesterday so that’ll do for me 🙂

Went on a small walk round the block with Mum both afternoon’s,  a shorter version of the other round the block options I use for running, as we’re both around and the weather’s good.

Day 2 stats:

  • 3.15 miles run in 28:31 (Av. pace: 9:04 mins/mile)
  • 55 squats
  • 25 lunges
  • 20 seconds wall sit
  • 0.84 mile walk in ~10 mins (both on day 1 and day 2)

walk 3