Or tired some might say 🙂

My right shoulder has been giving me jip today, I hurt it before Christmas pulling a jumper off funnily. I’ve been struggling to sleep on that side over the Christmas break but it’s not been so bad otherwise but then the last couple of days it’s driving me mad. I have a constant ache that I can even feel in my elbow…going to have to get it looked at me thinks.

I went to the gym on my way back from work to do my treadmill run and my knee felt all wrong on that side too and I had like a deadleg feeling radiating from my hip, anyway I perservered and did 3.10 miles before callling it a day. Had a quick look to see what day 8 had in store for me for the 30 day challenges…someone must be looking down on me for sure today – it was only a REST day for both the squats and lunges…yay! Just 80 seconds wall sit to do….went Ok all things considered. With how I was feeling I decided I might give the pool a go, thinking it might help my shoulder and or knee. It didn’t fee great to start with but as I got into it it really felt like it was helping. It was the first time in what feels like forever that I swam front crawl too and it went well…don’t know what i was worrying about! I swam 20 lengths front crawl and 20 lengths breaststroke in 24 mins so was pleased enough with that. I then got lucky picking the right shower where the temp was scorchio – just what I needed for my aching limbs.

Fingers crossed a good nights sleep and I’ll be right as rain in the a.m.

Day 8 Stats:

3.10 miles rn in 27:21 (Avergae pace: 8:49/mile)

80  seconds wall sit

40 lengths (1000m or 0.62 miles) in 24 mins