crunchie 2That was a long 2.5 days back at work!! Certainly glad it’s Friday!

Had a long day for various reasons and most of them very annoying but’s that another story for another day perhaps. Didn’t get to the gym until gone 8 and the treadmill was certainly not top of my agenda in terms of things I wanted to do. I plodded on just going slow and steady but even still getting quite a sweat on! I did the minimum 5K and moved onto to my challenges, not such a happy bunny today that’s for sure – 100 squats, 55 lunges and 90 seconds wall sit. I defintely had a serious wobble in my legs after this was all done, today was the first time I nearly didn’t make it to the end of the wall sit and it was pretty embarassing as I was in the gym doing it and really struggling not to scream and/or shout out loud as the last 30 seconds counted down on my phone…oooh the burn! Anyway, I didn’t give up…tonight at least! Legs are still feeling a bit jittery to be honest 😉 Needless to say there was no extra activity tonight like swimming or suchlike.

Wimpole parkrun has been cancelled due to high winds and Cambridge Milton Country Park one maybe too, they’re going to decide in the a.m., therefore the hope is to give Bedford parkrun a go (if I get up in time!). Apparantly it’s all tarmac and a nice flat-ish course…all good I say 🙂 Will be nice to be off the bloomin treadmill.

Apologies – I’ve been pretty rubbish keeping up with everyone’s blogs the last couple of days as everthing been a bit manic, hoping to catch up on a few over the weekend.

Here’s to a lovely weekend filled with lots of exciting Janathon activity 🙂

Day 9 Stats:

3.10 miles run on the treadmill in 27:54 (Average pace: 8:59/mile)

100 squats

55 lunges

90 seconds wall sit

(Day 9 of 30 day challenges)