…my keys for my bike lock for my road bike that’s currently locked up in the shed! Had planned a bike ride this afternoon as it was such a nice day, instead I spent over 2 hours looking for the keys to my bike lock….trying to remember what ‘safe place’ I’d put them in – so bloomin safe not even I can’t get to my bike! I’d locked it up in the shed after my triathlon (back at the end of September!) and quite clearly not been near it since. It was driving me mad in the end so I’m just really happy I found them finally…the safe place was in one of my expanding file organisers, fairly logical place really, guess what threw me was I remember at the time trying to pick somewhere that was safe and that I’d remember (!) and was adament today that they would be with all my triathlon stuff or bike stuff…clearly I know now this was not the case. Oh well, I may not have got out on my bike today but I found my keys and checked it over and it’s all good to go for next time.

After all this I headed to the gym and ran 3.50 miles in the treadmill and then moved onto my 30 day challenges – 110 squats, 65 lunges and 110 seconds of wall sit. I swapped the order round a bit and did the wall sit after the squats and before the lunges – this seemed to work marginally better than previous days, I’m not going to lie – the wall sit still made me want to scream out but I didn’t and I did manage to hold the full 110 seconds and still do my lunges afterwards. I then gave the balance dome a go, my physio is always saying I should to help strengthen my ankles. With the dome part face down I stayed on for 5 minutes, once I’d got balanced I found it pretty OK and even moved my feet around to challenge myself more, maybe next time I’ll try some squats on it. I decided on a swim to finish off partly so I could use the jacuzzi and sauna. I swam 30 lengths – 25 front crawl and 5 breaststroke before soaking my aching limbs in the jacuzzi. After this I went and sat in the sauna for just over 10 minutes. This is quite unusual for me – I never really make any use of the jacuzzi, sauna or steam room, I usually just do my swim and go. Hoping I’ll feel the benefits. I also set up an old coke plastic bottle, the smaller ones with about 3/4 water in it and put it in the freezer – once it’s frozen it’s really good to use to roll under your foot if you have an achey bits.

So yesterday I did Bedford parkrun for the first time as both Wimpole and Cambridge were cancelled due to the high winds. I went with my friend Julie and 2 others – Karen and Ivan. We met at their house @ 8am and left by 8:05, as you might imagine it was quite a blustery journey and you could definitely feel the wind on the car. We got there with a few minutes to spare but apparently not enough to go to the toilets as they were right over the other side. The route was 2.5 laps around Bedford Park, it’s all tarmac and you pass a lake as you go round – all very pleasant and very flat! The people were very nice and friendly. Julie, Ivan and Karen had all done it before so I was the only newbie. It started raining before we started even though it wasn’t forecast to until ~10 am and it felt pretty chilly especially with the strong wind. Have to say I enjoyed the run even though it felt a bit like it was in all weather’s – during the last bit the heavens absolutely opened and I could hardly see through the rain it was that heavy. Needless to say we were all absolutely soaked by the end of it. We would have gone for a coffee but were concerned about getting cold so we jumped back in the car and headed back – good decision I think as I was still pretty cold by the time we got back even with no delays. We did steam the car up somewhat on the way back though 😉 Think in better weather conditions it would be an excellent course for PB’s so would definitely like to give it another go sometime. Thanks to Karen and Ivan for the lift there and abck 🙂

Yesterday I also went to Cadogan Hall to see The Pink Singers in concert as one of my old Uni friends Richard is in the choir. I went with my friend Dee – it was a pretty major night out for her as it was her first night out leaving her youngest, Callan, who’s ~7 months, with her partner Sam for the evening. We had no idea how the night would pan out – if we’d have to leave to head back early or not. I hadn’t seen Richard for perhaps 10 years but Dee had seen him more recently. Whe I saw him it felt like it was only yesterday. The concert was fab, lots of fun and lots of great singers – would definitely recommend going (http://www.cadoganhall.com/event/the-pink-singers-150110/). Dee and I then went for dinner and drinks and stayed out until ~12:30 which we certainly weren’t anticiapting being able to do. It was really lovely and we got back and they were all asleep, even better!

Day 11 Stats:

3.50 miles in 31:14 (8:55/mile)

110 squats

110 seconds wall sit

65 lunges

5 mins on balance dome

30 lengths (0.47 miles) swimming

2015-01-11 19.07.25


Treadmill pics from Days 7, 8 (in 2 parts) and 9 – realised I forgot to put them in the posts the last few days, d’oh!








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