Yes indeed I am! I had a doctors appt at 9:30 to look at my shoulder and am going to the cinema tonight so took advantage of the late start and went to the gym this morning so day 12 is all done for me and not only that but even better day 12 is a REST day for the squat challenge…woo hoo!

I ran 3.10 miles on the treadmill and it felt good, my run was a bit interupted firstly by needing to strech my knee out and then by a gym instructor coming round doing a survey (!) but other than that I felt like I was going for it and really enjoyed it. I then moved onto day 12 of my 30 day challenges – no squats today (yay!), 70 lunges and 120 seconds wall sit. I decided to do what I did yesterday and do the wall sit before the lunges and also first as there were no squats – this worked really well, did the whole 2 minutes and didn’t feel like my legs wanted to drop off quite as much as other times so definitely going to continue using this strategy going forward. Pretty pleased I’ve got to 2 mins with the wall sit, seriously never thought I would when I started the challenge! I then went on the balance dome again but only quickly as I was short on time – I did 2 minutes and did 20 squats while on the dome – didn’t find it too bad actually, managed to keep my balance and not fall off. I finished off with a swim – 30 lengths front crawl. I love swimming first thing in the morning more than any other exercise, it’s a great start to the day and makes you feel fantatstic 🙂

Saw the doctor and she said she’d like em to go for a scan to see if I’ve damaged the ligament as my movement is quite restricted compared to the other shoulder apparently…hope not as that would be quite embarassing – all from pulling a jumper off! So just waiting for a date for that to come through.

Off to see The Theory of Everything tonight, really looking forward to it 🙂

Day 12 Stats:

3.10 miles in 27:30 (Average pace: 8:52/mile)

REST day from squats

120 seconds wall sit

70 lunges

2 mins on balance dome and 20 squats while balancing

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