So today I booked into Fight Klub for the first time in quite a while, not being entirely sure if it was the best idea or not but figured I’d see how I got on and not do certain things if necessary. I planned to do my run and 30 day challenges before the class in case I had nothing left in the tank afterwards. This plan didn’t really work out as I left work just after 7pm and wasn’t in the gym by 7:45 with the class starting at 8pm. I changed tack and ran just over a mile before the class on the treamill and saved everything else until afterwards. There was a big turnout for the class so much so that 2 and even 3 people in some cases had to share a bag (usually you have your own). The class was everything I love about Fight Klub – high intensity, good music and a fab way to de-stress from the day. I did struggle on a couple of things such as rotating one arm round at a time in the warm-up, side punches, push-up and tricep dips but I adjusted accordingly and found it quite useful to actually figure out which things set my shoulder off. I was sweating like a P. I. G. after this but felt great. Headed straight to the treadmill and completed the rest of my run before doing my challenges – 130 seconds wall sit, 75 lunges and 130 squats. I then went on the blance dome again for 5 mins and did a further 25 squats while on it. Figured I’d use the jacuzzi and sauna but not swim as it was getting late and I’d done enough – this however is a very strange thing for me – I’d never not go for a swim, it would be  the jacuzzi and sauna I’d usually give a miss…mmm…maybe I’m a changed woman….we’ll see. Spent 10 mins in the jacuzzi and 10 mins in the sauna, it was lovely, just what I needed. I then went to head out and the pool looked so inviting…only 2 other people in it so I turned around and jumped in, it would have been rude not to! Swam 10 lengths front crawl, then showered and home.

Day 13 Stats:

1.15 miles on treadmill in in 9:59 (Avergae pace: 8:39/mile)

45 min Fight Klub class

2.00 miles in 17:33 (Av. pace: 8:46/mile)

130 seconds wall sit

75 lunges

130 squats

5 mins on balance dome and further 25 squats while on this

10 lengths front crawl (25m pool) (0.15 miles) in 6 mins

2015-01-13 19.56.13 2015-01-13 21.06.10