The last thing I wanted to do was a run and my bloomin challenges when I finished work tonight! What I wanted was to go home to the warm, eat lots and watch telly…but as it’s Janathon this was not an option. It didn’t help that my upper body and stomach muscles all started aching as the clock hit ~7:30pm…that’ll be Fight Klub then, no pain no gain and all that! Instead I dragged my sorry self to the gym and hit the treadmill, mixed it up a bit by listening to some of the gym music and some different stuff on the iPod, definitely helped. For some reason tonight I think I sweated more than I did last night after Fight Klub, it was just pouring off me as I went to do my challenges – 135 squats, 80 lunges and 140 seconds wall sit (did these in reverse order). There was no balance dome work tonight or jacuzzi or even swim, just a shower and home after only the necessary Janathon exercise had been done. I realised reading others posts that I didn’t do any of the usual totals for week 1 and thought it might be quite interesting to see how many squats, lunges etc. I’ve clocked up so far doing these faboulous (not!) challenges – 970 squats, 650 lunges sand 1050 seconds (17.5 minutes) wall sit apparently…don’t want to think of the numbers they’ll be by day 30 or how my thighs are going to feel or not as the case may be as I lose all sensation in them and they drop off or something equally dramatic! 😉

2 weeks in peeps – caught up on a few blogs earlier this evening, everyone seems to be getting on great – just 2 and a bit weeks to go folks! 🙂

Day 14 Stats:

Ran 3.10 miles on treadmill in 27:20 (Av. pace: 8:49/mile)

140 seconds wall sit

80 lunges

135 squats

2015-01-14 21.44.50

Totals so far:

44.1 miles run

970 squats

650 lunges

1050 seconds (17.5 minutes) wall sit

12 minutes balance dome work

2 miles swimmming

1 x 45 min Fight Klub

3 parkruns run & 2 completely new parkruns for me – Coventry and Bedford

& 3 jacuzzi & sauna sessions!