Tonight I made the brave return to my Soca Skip class, don’t think I’ve been regularly since the late summer partly due to injury and also due to triathlon training. I bumped into the instructor, Fronzie, at the gym last Friday which was wonderful but I felt pretty much shamed into going as a result this week  which isn’t a bad thing really as I do love the class, it’s just the thought of it when you’ve not been for any length of time is pretty daunting as it’s pretty intense.

This meant I had to try and hit the gym earlier than recent evenings so I could at least get my run in before the class. A lady got on the treadmill next to me and was walking which is fair enough however, it wasn’t the best for me tonight as that’s all I wanted to do – stop running and walk too. Luckily a guy then got on the treadmill on the other side and had a pretty good pace going – it was just like having a running buddy…and then he stopped after about half a mile 😦 I had to dig deep as I still had a couple of miles to go, I turned the tunes up and battled on…job done. I had enough time to do my wall sit but not my other challenges, they would have to wait until after Soca Skip. Wall sit was 2 minutes 30 seconds today, my thighs were burning before I’d even started!

Then onto Soca Skip with my housemate Sarah who’d also not been for a while. Tonight we had 3 rounds of skipping – various kinds such as front and back, knees up, side to side to name a few. In between the rounds of skipping were various sit-ups, push-ups, squats and lunges and then we finished with a big stretch off – this is my housemates favourite bit! As we do each stretch Fronzie comes round and  stretches us more, I remember when I first went I thought he might break me, like I would snap in two but no, he seems to know what he’s doing and you certainly don’t ache the next day. Both Sarah and I really enjoyed the class and it didn’t kill us quite as much as we thought it might. It was great to see everyone as well, they were all so welcoming 🙂 At the end of the clas Fronzie worked on my shoulder a bit too which feels like it really helped – he does deep tissue massage and he gave me some tips on what I can do too so was really helpful. Came back and did my squats (140) and lunges (85) in the lounge before showering, dinner with Sarah and then a devouring a load of chocolate!

Day 15 Stats:

3.10 miles run in 27:15 (Av. pace: 8:47/mile)

150 seconds wall sit

85 lunges

140 squats

1 hr Soca Skip

2015-01-15 19.10.55