This morning I did my first Wimpole parkrun of the year and it didn’t disappoint 🙂 They had to cancel last week (which was also their 2nd birthday) due to high winds and there was mutterings that they may have to this morning due to rain/sleet/snow and icy conditions, luckily they did not! It was a freezing morning, one of the coldest we’ve had in a while so I layered up and headed off. When I go there there was a good tunout and they had started the announcements as I think they were hoping for a quickish start before the weather possibly worsened. As we stood there it started snowing, we then moved to the strat line and got going. The snow continued and get heavier for a while before stopping – I loved it, my first time running in the snow this year. Before it was cold and icy, the grassy surface was quite hard underfoot apart from the old squelchy bit and then very muddy bit towards the end. I took it easy as doesn’t take a lot for me to go over on my ankles and this kind of surface was asking for it to happen. I really enjoyed today’s run which was something I needed after the last few day of hard slogs on the dreadmill.  When you get a parking ticket at Wiumpole you  can use it to get £2 off at the cafe afterwards,  I couldn’t stay for coffee afterwards but had recognised a girl from Monday night running club, Becky, handing out tokens so gave it to her for which she seemed very pleased – bless all the volunteers, they must have been freezing today.

I got back, had some brekkie and a quick chinwag with my housemate and then did the dreaded challenges! Today called for 170 seconds wall sit, 90 lunges and 150 squats…only 13 days of these left, not that I’m counting of course! I decided to have a go on my housemates wobble board, you’d think not too disimilar to the balnce dome I’m using at the gym except it’s made from wood. Boy was I wrong, maanaged just about 2 minutes on it and I can’t say it was completely unaided…I may have had to touch the walk now and again to help get my balance! 😉 Won’t be rushing to have a go on that again anytime soon!

I was umming and aahhing about going out on my bike after last weeks fiasco I kind of felt like I should but it was sooooo cold. Whilst ummming and aahhhing I got a call from my housemate who’d gone to ballet (in her car) to say she’d left her bike out at the front of the house in error since getting back from her boyfriends earlier this morning but didn’t realise until she was driving off so could I put it in the shed for her. I used this as a sign that I should go out on my bike as I had to go into the shed anyway and it would be fairly lame if I didn’t then take the opportunity to go out on my bike. I haven’t been on my roadbike since 28th September (my triathlon) or any bike in fact except a spin bike but I don’t count that. I bought it in the summer mainly for my triathlon, it’s a Trek Lexa S 2015 in Black Pearl which means it has a bit of sparkle too 🙂  This is a generic image of one, the seat is a whole lot higher on mine as I’m tall mostly due to having long legs. I decided not to go for cleats today, just a simple pootle to get myself back into the swing of things. I wore gloves but have to say my hands felt close to dropping off for the first 15 mins of the ride, they then warmed up only for my feet to take over, they remained cold for the rest for the ride…need to address that for next time I think. Felt a bit nervous initially until I got to grips with everything again but that didn’t take long, really glad I did venture out, I did just over 10 miles on what turned out to be a beautiful crisp winter’s morning – thank you Sarah (my housemate) for giving me the push I needed! 🙂                          bike


I then finished with a swim at the gym and quick jacuzzi and sauna…all good. Now on with some non-Janathon activities 🙂

Day 17 Stats:

Wimpole parkrun – 3.07 miles run in 27:31 (Av. pace: 8:57/mile)

170 seconds wall sit

90 lunges

150 squats

2 mins on wobble board

10.13 mile bike ride in 47:05 (Av. pace: 12.91 mph)

30 lengths front crawl (750m or 0.47 miles) in 18 mins.