Stayed overnight at my parents so I was in Leamington for my run today. Had pondered on going out first thing, well ~9ish, but it looked pretty frosty, my Dad went out to assess it for me and reported back that the puddles were all frozen solid as were the cars and I should leave it until later…OK then…didn’t take much persuading! Instead we had breakfast together – boiled eggs (from my Dad’s chicken’s) and Irish brown bread (made by my Mum), juice and lashings of tea. Think it’s probably one of, if not, my favourite breakfasts πŸ™‚ Had quite a few jobs to be getting on with so tackled some with my Mum and before I knew it it was nearly 2pm…where had the time gone?! It was time for a spot of lunch really but I would need to either go for my run first or leave it for a couple of hours after lunch…ummmed and aahhhed for a while before going for it as the sun was out and it was looking really rather nice out, very kindly my Mum and Dad waited for me to get back before having lunch. It was such a nice day for a run, really glad I went. However, it was still pretty slippy on the final section of my run as I think it’s the more shaded part of the round the block route, I had a few near misses – good job I didn’t head out at 9 as per the original plan, could be in all kinds of trouble now!

Day 18 of the 30 day challenges consisted of 180 seconds wall sit, 95 lunges and 155 squats which I did and ddn’t find too bad. That’s 3 minutes of wall sit – never thought I’d have managed that when I started πŸ™‚

Bad internet connection at my parents this weekend and not long back in Cambridge, hence the late post. Thanks for the lovely comments on my post yesterday πŸ™‚ Have perhaps a very stupid question now – I see people ‘like’ my comments I leave but how do I ‘like’ comments from people? You wouldn’t think I’ve had this blog since 2011 would you?! Maybe it’s because I only use it for Janathon and Juneathon and just about get to grips with it before stopping using it again for another 6 months, d’oh! I really like the comments I get from people and you don’t always want to leave a reply but it would be nice to let them know I appreciate their comment by way of a ‘like’…any tips much appreciated, I’m sure it must be something obvious I’m missing πŸ˜‰

I’ll leave you with aΒ pic from Wimpole parkrun yesterday…


Day 18 Stats:

3.20 miles run in 27:51 (Av. pace: 8:42/mile)

3 minutes wall sit πŸ™‚

95 lunges

155 squats