Feeling a little tender today, not sure if it was Fight Klub last night or running in the cold or a combo of the two but definitely slow moving getting in or out of the car and stairs and more so as the day has progressed!

My usual Fight Klub day us today so I didn’t really not want to do it but also didn’t want to do it if you get what I mean?! It was back on the dreadmill first for me tonight, did a short bit of my run before the class and the rest after and used the rest of the time before the classs started to do day 20 of my challenges rather than leave them until afterwards. The challenges were 200 seconds wall sit and 105 lunges…I could feel the burn before I even started, not good! Luckily it was a REST day from the squats although I’m coming to realise I’m not so sure a REST day is all that good as the numbers seem to jump a bit after one more than normal so for example the squats increase by 20 tomorrow 😦 Fight Klub was good, as always, Edddie (the instructor) used a fair few of the same routines/circuits as last night – I’m just not sure if that was a good thing or not, could be in for a lot of trouble tomorrow if my achiness was originally due to that, ah well! After I’d finished my second bit on the treadmill I decided I better hit the jacuzzi and sauna to try and ease my aching limbs. The pool was fairly quiet so I did a few lengths first before heading for the jacuzzi and then sauna, I spent a good 10 mins in each…nice 🙂 Hoping I’ll wake up feeling like a new woman tomorrow…or something like that!

Day 20 Stats:

Ran 1.10 miles on treadmill in 10:02 (Av. pace: 9:06/mile)

45 mins Fight Klub

200 seconds wall sit

105 lunges

REST day for squats 🙂

(Day 20 of 30 day challenges)

Ran 2.50 miles on treadmill in 22:22 (Av. pace: 8:47/mile)

Swam 20 lengths front crawl (500m or 0.31 miles)