Legs still feeling a little tender today but no worse than yesterday so that’s something. Tonight leaving work at 8:30 and walking out to the car in the freezing cold I certainly did not want to go to the gym and do a run and then my 30 day challenges. I thought it might be nice just to go swimming instead or even just do nothing. But what about Janathon I asked myself? One of my personal goals for Janathon is to run everyday but on days like today I regret that goal…initially at least. I know it wouldn’t really matter if I didn’t run but it would be a personal Janathon fail for me  so off I plodded to the gym. I continued my iPod selection from where I left off last night and it seemed pretty good  last night and set off on the dreadmill. My stiff legs cried out to start but soon seemed to warm up as did I and I had a surprisingly amazing run – the music I had on was perfect, really got me in the zone and I felt like I was running strong and hard the whole run and on the dreadmill! I love those kind of runs where they’re  1) completely unexpectedly good and 2) you feel like you’re giving it your all, the full 100%….I loved it 🙂 This is certainly one of those occasions where if it hadn’t been for Janathon I would not have run and I would have missed out big time.

Then onto day 21 of the challenges – 210 seconds wall sit, 110 lunges and 180 squats….maybe this is what’s actually causing the discomfort in my legs and butt I think as I look at my month’s totals? 😉 Another day done, just 9 more to go for the 30 day challenges…the last day of Janathon will feel like a breeze with no challenges to do, if I’m still in one piece that is!

3 weeks down, 1 and a bit to go! 🙂

Day 21 Stats:

Ran 3.70 miles on treadmill in 32:07 (Av. pace: 8:40/mile)

210 seconds wall sit

110 lunges

180 squats

2015-01-21 21.18.45

Totals so far:

67.0 miles run

1755 squats

1235 lunges

2310 seconds (38.5 minutes) wall sit

14 minutes balance dome work

2.8 miles swimmming

10.1 miles cycled

3 x 45 min Fight Klub classes

1 x 1hr Soca Skip class

4 parkruns run & 2 completely new parkruns for me – Coventry and Bedford

& multiple jacuzzi & sauna sessions!