Today is my Mum’s birthday so I’m back in Leamington helping her celebrate 🙂

I started my Saturday with a parkrun, I had been toying with the idea of trying the Brueton parkrun as it’s not too far from my parents and is meant to be a nice course plus I’m trying to mix it up a bit and not just stick to the same ones. I ended up going to Leamington parkrun in the end though as we had arranged to go to my sister’s swanky gym with her from 10-12 so I just wasn’t going to have time to get to Brueton and be back in time for the gym at 10. I love the Leamington parkrun though so it was no hardship, I think it has to be one of, if not my favourite, out of the ones I’ve tried. I’d heard that they’d shifted to the winter route in the last couple of weeks which is similar to the traditional route but just avoids the muddy footabll fields at the beginning. I usually jog from my car to the start to warm up a bit, this morning was a bit different – nearly broke my neck trying to, it was so slippy underfoot, crikey I thought this doesn’t bode well. As it turned out they’d had to go back to the traditional route this week for this very reason which I was pretty relieved to hear even if it meant a bit of  a mud bath at the beginning! I really enjoyed the run today, it was a beautiful, crisp winters morning with the sun glistening through the trees…perfect! I improved my time from New Years Day by just nearly 2.5 minutes…woo hoo and I didn’t stop once on the big hill! I also said a quick hello to a guy I went to primary and middle school with (many moons ago now!) that was also doing Leamington parkrun, what a lovely blast from the past.

Dashed back to pick Mum up to meet Claire at the gym, her husband Dan was going to go to a spinning class while their two boys were in the creche and Claire, Mum and I used the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. We joined Claire and Dan for a quick coffee first and then split off. Claire, Mum and I started in the jacuzzi, followed by the steam room and then sauna and then repeated it all, bliss! Mum then went back to the jacuzzi while Claire and I had a quick swim, we did some underwater swimming again which was great fun 🙂 We all reconvened for a bite to eat before heading home. Once home I did my wall sit for 4 minutes (!) and it was a REST day for both the squats and lunges 🙂 Dad and I then sang Happy Birthday to Mum and presented her with a coffee and walnut cake with candles to blow out and make a wish…a rare treat to be able to do as my young nephew usually likes that role and we all polished off a piece with a cup of tea. Lazy afternoon followed with some catch up TV, gentle walk and mosey round the shops…perfect 🙂

Then tomorrow Claire, Mum and I are off on a Spa break until Monday…can’t wait!

Day 24 Stats:

  • Leamington parkrun – 3.10 miles in 25:53 (Av. pace: 8:21 /mile)  28:15
  • 0.25 miles swim in ~13 mins
  • 240 seconds (4 minutes!) wall sit
  • 0.84 mile walk in ~15 mins