Oops, just realised I posted yesterday as day 29, d’oh, clearly wishing the days away! Left work ~7:30 by which point what snow we had in the day had frozen onto the car and it was pretty slippy underfoot. Once I’d got the car defrosted I was on my way and I headed straight for the gym to get the Janathon tasks done and dusted. Penultimate day for the challenges (woo hoo!), this meant 290 seconds wall sit, 145 lunges and 240 squats. I also ran a total of 3.7 miles on the treadmill which I quite enjoyed this evening, didn’t think I would, and then had a dip in the pool, swam 20 lengths before finishing with a well deserved jacuzzi and sauna…bliss!

Now to try and finish off my tax return 😦 …yeah I know, all a bit lastminute.com!

Day 29 Stats:

Ran 1.40 miles on trreadmill in 12:21 (Av. pace: 8:48/mile)

290 seconds wall sit

145 lunges

240 squats

(Day 29 of 30 day challenges)

Ran 2.30 miles on trreadmill in 19:46 (Av. pace: 8:35/mile)

Swam 20 lengths front crawl in ~8 mins (500m (0.31 miles)

Jacuzzi and sauna 🙂

2015-01-29 20.51.06 2015-01-29 21.17.45