So after last night’s escapades I had to drag myself out of bed for my run and headed out about 6:45am in the end. Again I was glad I went out even though it was difficult convincing myself I’d feel like that getting out of bed. It was only a short run, 21 mins today as again I didn’t have time for much else and no garmin so not an exact distance but will call it 2.1 miles. I felt like it certainly cleared the cobwebs and got me ready for the day ahead that’s for sure 🙂 So that’s 2 days running, will I be able to do a 3 in a row? We’ll see. Tonight was the 3rd night of the conference and 2nd official day and was the trip to the winery. We arrived to a a Cava reception with canapes, it was a beautiful setting. We didn’t end up having a tour, not sure why, maybe we were too preoccupied drinking the Cava to notice, I don’t know! After some entertainment we then had dinner in one of the cellars (~800 of us), it was 4 courses with a different wine or Cava with each (after the copius amounts of Cava already consumed!). Again it was a fabulous evening laid on by the conference organisers. Tomorrow is my last day, I fly back tomorrow night, oh how I’ll miss Barcelona! It means though if I’m going to run it’ll have to be in the a.m. again as there won’t be another opportunity so watch this space 😉 Here’s a couple of pics from this mornings run – the 1st pic is where the Gala dinner is tomorrow night, should be pretty special, the 2nd is of a shopping mall where you can go to the top by lift (also in the pic) and there’s several restaurants around the top and th 3rd is a hotel where a number of colleagues are staying and it has the most amazing roof top bar and pool, we visited on the 1st night…v jealous!

2015-06-02 06.58.38 2015-06-02 06.59.21 2015-06-02 06.59.51


And here’s a couple of pics of the entertainment from tonight and the cellar where we had dinner.

2015-06-02 19.01.53 2015-06-02 19.03.36 2015-06-02 19.59.37

Day 2:

~ 2 miles running in 20 minutes

Steps (GCC Challeneg): 13912 (Day 1)