Last night we had our work sports & social club summer event which was a Sundowner style event at Gog Magog Hills. This consisted of a bar and DJ and plenty of sit down areas  and a fabulous BBQ. There were lots of picnic blankets provided and you can walk over to the mound and watch the sunset. We were lucky after a very wet day with lots of thunder and lightning to have a beautiful eveneing and able to enjoy some spectacular views as the sun came down, it was the perfect way to spend a Friday night. We had a turnout of ~80 people and the night seemed to go down well with everyone. I’m currently the chair of the sports & social committee so had been pretty busy with the organising of the event so it wa a big relief for it to all go to plan last night! Here’s a pic one of my frinds took, lovely isn’t it 🙂


However, it was a late enough night and with a fair amount of alcohol consumed with an Aquathlon first thing the next morning! We got home just after 11 and got to bed just before after lots of chit chatting  – my friend David, from work, was staying at mine as he was also doing the Aquathlon and we had a lot to catch up on. I set my alarm for 5:30, heard it go off and silenced it then woke again and it was 5:55 – we had to leave by ~6:20 to get to the event to register and set up before the start at 8. David’s 2nd alarm hadn’t gone off either so i was the 1st to get up. Crikey, it was all go! But we made it…just! The TriSquad Aquathlon consisted of a 750m open water swim followed by a 5Km run.  It was a beautiful morning for it and the venue was lovely, here’s some pics…

mepal1 mepal2 mepal3 mepal4 mepal5


As you can see it was a beach start which wasn’t something I’d done before but I quite liked it, just wasn’t so keen on it being the transition area too as I had sand everywhere including in my trainers! I run without socks for these kind of events as it’s quicker for transition so could feel the bits of sand between my toes the whole way round…not so nice! I also had what must be one of my slowest transitions ever – for some reason, don’t know if it was the sand or what, but I couldn’t get my shorts on and then my top was all twisted and both the heels bent in on my trainers, all v annoying! I ended up starting the run with my top all twisted and had to just sort it out as I ran 😉

2015-06-06 14.58.25


All in all though it was a great event, very well organised and really friendly and guess what I won 1st female under 40! I was particularly shocked by this but also v pleased 🙂 I do have to say though it was a fairly small event, maybe 40 or so which probably helped but hey, as my brother in law said a win’s a win! Here’s a pic of my medal and pic with the other winners (i’m 2nd in from the left).

2015-06-06 14.59.55  mepal6


Aquathlon times:

Swim time (750m): 13 mins, 24 secs

Tranisition: 1 min, 38 secs

Run time (5K run): 26 secs, 51 secs

Overall time: 41 mins, 53 secs

Can’t say I’ve done an awful lot more with my day – just some more catching up with David and then the usuall necessary housey stuff required on a weekend and have driven back to Leam for the night to see my family. Planning on some chillaxing for the rest of the weekend as feeling pretty bushed after all the late nights and early starts this week.

Day 6 Stats:

Swim: 750m open water swim in 13 mins, 24 secs

Run (5K run): 3.16 miles in 26 secs, 51 secs, Av pace: 8:30 mins/mile)

Steps (Day 5): 10771

Realised I forgot to add the steps for days 3 and 4 yesterday to my days 4 and 5 post and also to add the pics from the treadmill – as a result of rushing, d’oh, so here they are too:

2015-06-04 20.15.23 2015-06-05 06.48.40

Day 4 & Day 5

Steps (Day 3): 10086

Steps (Day 4): 12441

Happy Juneathoning whatever activities you’re getting up to this weekend 🙂