Today I was at my Mum and Dad’s back in Leamington Spa. I went for a small slow jaunt around 11ish totaling 5K before Sunday brunch with Mum and Dad.  It was a beautiful morning for a run and I met lots of friendly people alos out enjoying the sunshine. My legs were tired today though probably due to a number of things; a really busy week with not a lot of sleep, the events the day before and runing on an empty (hungry!) stomach. It was alll good though, i just took it slowly and enjoyed being out in the sun 🙂 We had a lovely brunch – boiled eggs with my Mum’s brown soda bread and homemade marmalade, juice and lots of tea…perfect 🙂

Not long after my sister popped round with my nephew Caolan who’s 4 while my other nephew Oisín had a lunchtime nap at home with his Dad. I had the joy of helping him put his new lego piece together, it was a dumper truck with many parts! To be fair he didn’t really need my help he had it done himself in next to no time. He then helped me pump my tyres on my bike before watching Chicken Little. I took the opportunity to go out on my bike. I hadn’t been on it since Janathon and that was only once and I am meant to be doing a 60-70 mile bike event on 28th June! I decided to wear my cleats too rather than woosing out. The roads are nice and quiet round by my Mum and Dad’s on the whole so it was a nice safe opportunity to get myself reacquainted with my road bike. It went better than expected and I cycled 8.8 miles before heading back for football in the garden with Caolan, playing by his rules! 😉

My sister Claire had left her phone at Mum and Dad’s so we dropped it round and popped in for a few mins to see Oisín and Dan. My nephew Oisín was delighted to see Mum and I and quickly went about showing us all his new tricks after having lots of kisses and cuddles from both of us…he’s so adorable 🙂 As we were in town anyway Mum and I decided to take a stroll around Jephson Gardens as it was such a gorgeous day. I treated us both to a Mr Whippy 99 and we wandered round and enjoyed the sun…lovely.

Mum, Dad and I had Sunday dinner together before I headed back to Cambridge, I’ve had such a lovely weekend, hope you have too 🙂

Day 7 Stats:

3.10 miles run in 28 mins, 28 secs. Av. pace: 9:11 mins/mile

8.81 mile bike ride in 38 mins, 35 secs. Av. speed: 13.7 mph

Steps: 12206 (Day 6)

Week 1 Stats:

Run 7/7 days

Run: 14. 9 miles

Swum: 1.5 miles

Cycled: 8.81 miles

1 hr Reformer Pilates