I woke up this morning and it was the most perfect looking morning – the sun was shining and it looked like it would be another glorius day and I felt happy, all this and it was a Monday (I don’t like Monday’s at all!). It was such a nice day I didn’t think I’d take a coat with me but at the last minute I grabbed a lightweight one just in case…so glad I did! The weather rapidly declined as the morning passed and we even had some rain 😦 Being a Monday it was run club night which when I first got up I couldn’t wait to go…not so much at the end of the day, although it was no longer raining it was pretty windy and a Monday night I could have just crawled home to dinner and rubbish telly but no I forced myself to go and am so glad I did. Tonight was a timed out and back so once we’d done a brief warm-up run round the track and various dynamic stretches we were given a set route and told to run for 15 minutes as whatever speed we wished but that we would need to be able to maintain that same speed on the way back. It was cold and windy as we set out but we soon warmed up. I got chatting to a girl called Becky who’s only been running a year or so but has already done a half marathon in that time and with a very respectable time of 2:02 although she wanted under 2 hrs so was disappointed with this! She said pacing was her problem and that she would always stop and not run a complete run. We ended up carrying on running together and kept a pretty constant pace, she wanted to stop at the top of a hill and did briefly but I coaxed her into starting up again at a slower pace until she had her breath back, she said a couple more times she wanted to stop but she didn’t end up stopping she continued and ran until we had completed 30 mins, she did brilliantly and was really pleased at the end 🙂 I really enjoyed it too – it was lovely to run with someone and encourage them along the way whilst also being pushed myself…it was certainly no leisurely jaunt for me tonight that’s for sure! It was also a beautiful route out to one of the villages, mostly off road and by the time we’d returned the sun was shining and the wind had died down.

After run club I went to the gym and swam 32 lengths as a bit of a cool down and again really enjoyed this too apart from the guy doing backstroke that kept colliding into me!

Today was definitely a day I would have thought twice about running if I wasn’t doing Juneathon and I would have missed out on that great run, I know it’s not always like that but it’s nice when it is 🙂

Day 8 Stats:

0.69 miles warm-up run in 6 mins, 54 secs. Av. pace: 10:02 mins/mile

3.59 miles run (timed out and back) in 30 mins, 10 secs. Av. pace: 8:24 mins/mile

0.5 miles (750m) swum in 17 mins

Steps: 14961 (Day 7)