Today’s Juneathon effort was Wimpole parkrun. I woke up this morning to a wet, drizzly morning, quite a change from last night’s hot and humid weather. My friend Julie and I had agreed to do this one as we’d not seen each other in what felt like forever. I last ran at Wimpole when I took part in a 10K race there which was on the 17th May and I ended up twisting my ankle. I have to say  although it was a different route I did feel a little nervous about today’s parkrun. Things seeemed to have changed a little since I was last there too – they now have a seperate starting point for people with dogs and a slightly different route at parts of the run for them to make the 5k distance up. There were also some minor modifications to our route but the killer hill still remained 😉 Have to say I found it  tough one today and felt my lungs just didn’t have it in them at points so felt pretty unfit. It was a funny one as well – Julie went on ahead at the start as she always does, she’s a quick starter, I then somehow managed to catch her up at the hill only to be overtaken by her on the next down hill and then just in the final bit came in 1 second before her, we both laughed about it and Julie said if you’d combined us we’d make a great runner which I think is very true – our weaknesses defintely seem to be each other’s strengths 🙂 The way they’ve changed things – with the dog owners setting off at a different point etc. seemed to work  really well, I wouldn’t have said it was something that had ever particularly bothered me before yet I did find it made a difference to how it ran today. Even though it felt really tough we both had reasonable times – not our best but by no means our worst either so not bad for a Saturday morning after a boozy night before!

Had planned to swim too today but that’s gone out the window…maybe tomorrow.

Day 13 Stats:

3.11 miles run in 26 mins, 51 secs (Av. pace: 8:38 mins/mile)

11445 Steps (Day 12)