Today it was the 2nd organised bike ride with some others from work in preparation for the bike event at the end of the month. It was described as a ride to Balsham and beyond, hillier than the previous week’s ride, around 15-18 miles. Sounded OK, apart from the hills part, I’m a moaning minnie when it comes to hills! We met at 6pm, I think there 9 of us in total. It was a lovely evening with not too much wind, perfect – please let it be like that on the day of the event 🙂 It was all going pretty well, people keeping a steady pace, waiting at junctions etc. until this all seemed to go out the window. One of the riders left us to go home as it didn’t make sense for them to do the last bit back to work based on where they live. We then all set off again, I was towards the back with two others, Ray and David. Ray went on ahead and I looked back and realised I couldn’t see David which was strange as he’s pretty fast and would only be staying at the back to keep everyone together. I called ahead to Ray and we headed back a couple of miles with no luck. We then thought we should cycle onto the others to alert them as they must have stopped at the next junction…wrong! They continued on quite a bit by the time we got to them, we passed one of the others on the way who said they’d look for him and then another one came by saying he’d catch up with them too. Ray and I met up with the others and waited and waited for what felt like quite a while. During this time we realised pretty much all of us either didn’t have phones or they had no battery or we didn’t have the relevant numbers for people or any mix of these, d’oh! Finally the second guy who’d gone back arrived back unable to find the other two! We waited a bit longer to give them time to get to us and eventually decided it was best to continue on so we could get back and drive out to find them if they still weren’t back. One of the issues now was nowhere was 100% sure of the route as David had the map…eek! I think we may have taken at least one wrong turn so took a more convoluted route back, during this we split again with myself and another guy Bruce going a separate way at a fork  in the road in error as we couldn’t see where the others had gone. We went back on ourselves and eventually we all came together again. When we finally got back we’d done 28.4 miles (not 15-18!) and David and the other guy Phil were waiting for us, thank goodness! David had a puncture, think Ray and myself and then the other Phil musn’t have gone back quite far enough. Once they’d fixed the puncture they proceeded on the correct route back hence returning before us plus we did quite a bit of waiting around. Lots of lessons to be learnt from this that’s for sure! Luckily nothing more serious happened and even with all the palava it was still a very enjoyable bike ride, we averaged 15mph so that’s not too shabby either considering the hills 🙂

With meeting at 6 and it being a 15-18 mile ride I’d planned to return to work after to finish off some work…didn’t feel that up for it after the longer than planned route though that’s for sure. I stayed for another  hour or so before dashing off to the gym to get my obligatory run in for Juneathon…didn’t get to the gym until ~10:30 (they close at 11pm!) so it was just a quick (not so quick actually) 1 miler before heading home for a hot soak and bed…what an evening! I also seem to have misplaced my Garmin in the process so have had to manually upload the bike ride for now and will update it if when I find my Garmin…keep your fingers crossed for me!

Day 16 Stats:

28.3 miles cycled in ~1hr 54 mins (Av speed: 15mph)

1 mile run on treadmill in 8 mins, 42 secs (Av. pace: 8;36/mile)

2015-06-16 22.45.42    images