Day 17 was  5K on the treadmill squeezed in between many jobs….feels like lots to do and so little time! I do have Friday and Monday off though so figure that’s why I feel a bit like this 🙂 It was a good run though even with tired legs after last night’s escapades! I found my Garmin…yay! Took me another couple of times routing round everything but finally found it in a corner in my boot under the blanket I use to rest my bike on. Did even wonder at one point if I’d perhaps left it on the roof of my car and driven off, thanks goodness I didn’t! 😉

Day 17 Stats:

Ran 3.10 miles on treadmill in 27 mins, 20 secs (Av. pace: 8:49/mile)

27,798 Steps (this includes the 28.4 mile bike ride!) (Day 16)