Today’s Juneathon activity was an open water swim session at the lake in Milton Country Park. It’s a fairly weed ridden lake even on a good day compared to others I’ve been in. I remember when I first swam there last year and got a bit freaked out by them, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep my eyes open or not. I soon got used to it and figured it’s good practise as they’re not all always going to be nice clear weed-free waters. I last went 2 weeks ago and the weeds were rife, even as you walked in you were covered in them and everytime you did a stroke you got a handful. The one good thing about them is you don’t really need to tred water while the instructor is giving you the next drill as you can usually stand on a bed of weeds! Tonight was a lot better in terms of weeds – don’t get me wrong, there were still a lot there, just less than 2 weeks ago. Apparently it’s been de-weeded since we were last there (not sure about de-weeded to be fair, maybe cut back a bit at most! 😉 ) It’s a difficult lake to get into as well as it’s full of rocks and stones on the walk in and not that comfy underfoot – certainly not one you’d want to run out of on a triathlon that’s for sure! We practised sighting and swimming in a straight line, drafting and turning mainly tonight. There were 5 of us there for the session which I had thought there may be more as it was such a lovely evening but regardless it was a still a great session and we seemed to get a fair bit of swimming in in the hour we had. I could have gone for a run after but instead I opted for a diet coke, some crisps and a chit chat with my tri buddy David and maybe a not so late night…we’ll see!

Day 24 Stats:

~1200m (0.75 miles) swim over 1hr training session

28,936 Steps (Day 23)

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