So today I had a couple of options for my Juneathon activity, I thought I might try and go to Reformer Pilates followed by Soca Skip with a run afterwards. I couldn’t book into Pilates, it was all full up so that scuppered that plan. Instead I figured I would use the time beforehand to go for a run instead to make sure I got it in as Soca Skip often finishes late so chances are I’d sack it off again. I managed to get out of work at a reasonable time and got to the gym ~6:15. I hit the treadmill at 6:30 (decided it was too hot for me for an outdoor run at this time, I needed air con!). I thought I’d do a 5K and see how I felt and how I was doing for time. I have to say it was a great run, I loved it, I had the feeling beforehand that I needed to go for a good run, which is not something I regularly feel, I do always feel good for it afterwards but usually have to coax myself out the door to do it, not tonight though and luckily I got what I needed from it. My music was good, I got into a ryhthm and got all hot and sweaty. I ran a total of 4 miles before leaving to go onto Soca Skip. It was only Tara and I at Soca Skip tonight and Fronzie worked us hard  and stretched us at the end extra well 🙂 Again I was really in the mood for this class tonight and really enjoyed it, especially as I’ve not been able to make it for the last couple of weeks. We did lots of different skips – side to side, forwards and backwards, knees up, out and in, rolling our hips etc. etc. and many different versions of sit ups, press ups and squats. Again I got quite a sweat on, I’m sure not helped by the warm evening! 😉

Feeling like I’m definitely back on it after tonight and my mojo has returned…yay! 🙂

Day 25 Stats:

Ran 4 miles on the treadmill in 34 mins, 46 secs (Av. pace: 8:41/mile)

1hr Soca Skip

13296 Steps (Day 24)

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