I read a post on Facebook today which pretty much summs up how I feel and I’m sure many others today…’Much as I love where I work and the people there, I could really do with another couple of weeks of not getting up at 6.30 at least’.

I had thought I would go back to my Monday night ladies running group this week – not been in what feels like forever but noticed it was a track session – 600m with 200m recovery and I knew I wasn’t feeling up for that for sure!

I was home on time tonight as I had a removals guy coming round ahead of my move at the weekend. This should have meant I would get my run done early in the evening and perhaps even a swim as well, this was sadly not the case. One tired lady today and as a result I instead started on a box of Maltesers and had too many to mention and as if that wasn’t enough I then went on and had some shortbread biscuits with a large glass of milk, all very lovely but certainly not conducive to getting a run in early or late in the evening & kind of throws my healthy living intentions for Jan out the window in one fell swoop! Ahh well, better day tomorrow and all that!

It was definitely an evening of procrastination but finally I got in the car at 9:47pm and headed for the gym to get my run done – not the 4.5 miles I’d postponed from yesterday but still 5K so could have been better but could have been a whole lot worse too! I put my music on, opted for something that I can switch off to and just run, this usually works for me…Mixmag presents: Duck Sauce and got my run done 🙂 Considering the time I was in there I was surprised by the number of people, significantly more than last night, lets see how long that lasts!

Day 4 Stats:

3.11 miles run on treeadmill in 28:49 (Av. pace: 9:15/mile)

2016-01-04 22.34.15

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