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Boy it’s been a busy couple of days and that’s not going to change anytime soon! I completed on my house yesterday (woo hoo!) and also took on my Mum’s car – she is getting a new one and has traded in my old one as it’s on it’s last legs 😦 but on the flip side I get a snazzier car with way less miles on and feel like I’ll make it to the end of a journey without the little niggles in the back of my mind.

Amongst all this I have quite a lot on at work this week that I need to get sorted so I’m probably doing 3/4 days there and fitting it round what I need to do here.

We’re moving on Saturday and have to hand the keys back on Sunday so I have a small bit of time between the two, good job ‘cos I certainly need it! How do you accumulate so much stuff?! We’ve been here 3.5 years and I have way more stuff than when we arrived that’s for sure. I spent a fair bit of the Christmas break sorting mainly and some packing but I still have a lot to do and starting to feel a bit like times running out to get everything done in time…eeek! Luckily we have to get the house professionally cleaned as part of our tenancy agreement but we also have to sort out the front and back garden and shed so here’s hoping Sunday is a good weather day!

I had planned a run and possibly swim at the gym on the way back from meeting my Dad for Janathon for day 6 but I got diverted on the A14 on my way back and it pretty much doubled my journey…arrgh! In the end I had to settle for a token plank, I did a minute…but only just, crikey it was hard!

Today I had new carpets laid in the new place, they’re lovely 🙂

Today’s Janathon effort was 48 lengths front crawl which was a toughie – arms still aching from Body Combat on Tues, but followed it up with a sauna…just what I needed 🙂

So no running everyday and it’s only the end of week 1, also no Pilates class, but I knew this would be a tough week fitting it all in with the move as well so hopefully more normal service will resume next week when things are a bit quieter.

Day 6 and 7 Stats:

1 minute plank

48 lengths (0.75 miles) front crawl in 26 minutes

Week 1 Stats:

13.4 miles run

1 mile swum

1 hr Body Combat

1 token plank

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