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Today I headed back to  the spinning class at the gym after a long absence. Recently they refurbished our gym and basically snazzied everything up, one of the early parts of this  was refreshing the spin studio and changing the spin bikes. I haven’t been since it’s been done and think I was kind of putting it off as didn’t know what to expect and if I’d know what to do if the bike set up was different etc. etc. and as one of my commitments for Juneathon is at least one spin class a week i thought I better bite the bullet so to speak and get on with it. I needn’t have worried, luckily there weren’t too many there and I asked a friendly looking lady close by me for the basics, the instructor went over things too briefly. The new bikes (probably not that new now but new to me!) are very nice, I definitely prefer them to the old ones, they’re stage bikes I think if that means anything? It was a 45 min class and there was no messing around plus not a lot of let up in between tracks. All good though, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with spinning – I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite thing to do by any stretch but I certainly get a good workout from it (i don’t sweat half as much in any of the other classes I do that’s for sure!) and I really do see results in terms of stamina/endurance so it’s something worth doing. Having said that I think I enjoyed tonight’s class probably the most I’ve enjoyed a spin class so maybe things are changing. 45 mins done and 14.5 miles clocked up, job done. I then decided to go for a run on the treadmill and rather than do a distance for once I ran for a set time; 30 mins. I clocked up 3.43 miles in half an hour on the treadmill so not too bad. I finished it all off with 40 lengths front crawl in the pool which was particularly nice as there were only 2 others in there with me, happy days 🙂

Day 2 Stats:

  • 45 min Spin Class – clocked up 14.5 miles
  • 3.43 miles run on treadmill in 30 mins (Av. pace: 8:46/mile)
  • Swam 40 lengths front crawl in 22 mins
  • Junk food: None 🙂
  • Steps (from day 1): 4233 (have a lot of desk work at the mo!!)
  • 2/2 days done

Realise I didn’t post a pic from my run on the treadmill last night so here it is…better late than never 😉

2016-06-01 21.24.36