Today was always going to be a bit of frantic day at work and then on top of what I was expecting lots more unexpected stuff also popped up too making everything even more frantic…TGIF and yes, I do feel a bit like that picture is quite a true reflection of how I look/felt today with all the craziness! Enough about work…

I have two bikes – one hybrid and one road bike. Before I got my road bike I used my hybrid for everything, even my first couple of tri’s. Since I got my road bike I don’t think I’ve been on my hybrid, it’s just sat in the shed gathering dust and 2 flat tyres. Part of the reason for this was that I needed to get it looked at as previously the chain would regularly come off and usually halfway up a really bad hill on a training ride with my friend David who is already a lot faster on the bike than me anyway but added to this he had a road bike already at this stage so was even speedier. Really now my hybrid would work best as my A to B bike round town and shorter journeys when I don’t want to use my road bike. Instead I’ve been walking/getting the bus/driving/or taking a taxi probably for at least the last 2 years rather than sort it out, why oh why I can’t tell you!  Anyways enough is enough! My Dad took down my garden shed for me a few weeks back as I want to replace it with a decent bike shed, this means both bikes are currently in the house and I can’t ignore my hybrid anymore. Tonight was a ‘summer’ bbq put on by our sports and social club at work which included food and drinks and then tomorrow night I’m going to see BalletBoyz in town, both situations ideal for using my hybrid so I sourced a decent looking local bike shop and arranged to take it in for 8 this morning, they serviced it and had it ready for the end of the day, hurrah! I picked it up on my way home at 5:30 and said bbq was starting from 6:30 so cutting ti fine slightly especially as I hadn’t been on it in so long….eek! I hadn’t been to the pub before where the bbq was either so wasn’t sure of the exact route but googlemapped it, swapped my lights over from my other bike and got my shit together. It’s been a funny old weather day here so much so that our summer bbq became an indoor bbq but I was determined to still cycle, drizzle or not. According to google it was ~4.2miles and took me 20 mins, each way. As I got near the pub I realised the roads were quite narrow with not a lot of lighting as it was heading out of the town..hadn’t thought about that…must remember not to stay too late as need to still be able to cycle back and safely! I did have lights, my fluorescent jacket etc., it’s just not always enough on those kind of roads especially at night. Indoor ‘summer’ bbq was nice enough, couldn’t get too sloshed as have an open water session early tomorrow but had a couple as after all it is Friday.  It was drier on my way back and not too dark so safe enough for cycling. Really glad to get back out on my hybrid tonight especially after so long and very happy with the bike service so will definitely be heading back there.

So my Juneathon action for day 3 was cycling to and from an indoor ‘summer’ bbq in Granchester another day done 🙂

Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

Day 3 Stats:

  • Cycled ~8.4 miles in ~40 mins
  • Junk food: None (if you don’t count the burger and chips from the bbq ;-)!)
  • Steps (from day 2): 10732
  • 3/3 days done