Today I was meant to be taking part in an Aquathlon put on by TrisSqaud at Mepal Outdoor Leisure Centre, towards Ely. As part of the run up to this they put on a couple of open water swim sessions that are only £5 and very useful. I went to one of the two this year, a couple of weeks back and found it just as good as last year. However, they said at one of these that they’d not had enough interest in the Aquathlon to run it as an official event so it wouldn’t be on 😦 but, they were going to offer another open water session on that day (yesterday) followed by a timed swim and run for anyone that wanted to do it so a bit like an unofficial aquathlon without the stress of a normal event! Sounded good to me and again all for just £5, even better!

It was an early start, had to be there by 7:45 to be in the water for 8. Yesterday was a miserable looking morning, very misty and quite cold. I was very much in two minds about whether to go as I wasn’t feeling great either but I did as I’d told them I would go so figured I should. Because it had been quite  a cold week the water temperature was 14°C! Only a couple of weeks ago for the last session we had it had been 17°C. I have to say I’m a right wuss when it comes to the cold, I even struggle getting into the pool at the gym sometimes – if you saw me you’d never think I swam in open water! Because of all the rain though the lake was also even clearer than usual so that was good at least – it’s a really lovely lake to swim in generally anyway. So one of the instructors had up warm up on the beach before getting in – jumping around, moving our arms about and then we had to run in…I don’t think anyone ran in! Then it was all about doing much of the same but in the water and then dunking our heads fully under the water at least 3x, horrific! We then had to run back out on the beach and do the same again and then swim out to the first buoy as fast as we could to get all the blood pumping….it was so cold. My feet and hands were hurting from the cold and the brain freeze feeling in my head lasted at least a good 20 mins before starting to subside. it was really interesting as it affected everyone quite differently, some just couldn’t catch their breath, some were dizzy – all people who had been fine a couple of wks back. Anyways, we spent the next half hour or so doing some drills and practising beach starts before coming out and starting the real thing which originally should have been a 750m swim and 5K run, this was ~ a 600/650m swim and ~5.5Km run. We were so lucky to have had a decent warm up in the water before, I think if it had been an offical event it could have been quite tough as a result of not having as much time to acclimatise to the conditions before the race. They just left a stopwatch on the beach you could ahve a look at on your way in and once everyone was back and those wanting to run went out on what would have been the run route. As there had been quite  a bit of rain in the week there were parts of the route that were very muddy and had some huge puddles in, there were a couple of casualties along the way but nothing too serious. My friend David, from work, made a last minute decision to come along to which was lovely. All very well organised and a enjoyable event, official or not and all finished before 10am! There was hot chocolate and cake afterwards for everyone which was all very welcome!

I also wanted to get a reasonable  bike ride in if I could as need to get the miles in before a bike event at the end of a month and I’ve not managed a lot so far. I headed out ~4pm and did a few loops around some of the quieter parts of Cambridge, here’s a couple of pics of some of the views…lovely 🙂

I clocked up 27 miles before heading back to get ready to go and see the new BalletBoyz show, Life, at the Cambridge Arts Theatre with some friends from work. I cycled in for this as well as it’s only a  few miles each way for me and it was one of my aims for Juneathon to get less buses/taxi’s or drive places I could manage not to.  The show was amazing and the dancers incredible. As the name suggests they’re an all male ballet company and the way they move and make everything look so effortless, they have a real fluidity about them, well worth going to if you have the chnace 🙂 I then stayed and had a couple of cocktails  at Jamie’s with a friend from work before heading home…what a day, a great day but I’m bushed now!

Day 4 Stats:

  • Swam ~1.08Km in openwater session in ~ 40 mins (600/650m of that timed (13:49)
  • Ran  3.57 miles in 32:25 (Av. pace: 9:08/mile) – had to use David’s Garmin data for this as mine stopped halway through the run!
  • Cycled 27.01 miles in 1hr, 52, Av. mph:14.4
  • Cycled to and from show – 2.76 miles on way in (10 mins). 3.71 miles on way home as cycled with friend some of her route home (20 mins).
  • Steps (day 3): 6250

2016-06-05 10.48.19