Today was meant to be my long run day…I woke up feeling a bit off, nothing in particular, just not quite myself and a bit at odds with everything and rather than go this a.m. thought I would leave it until this evening as I also had quite a bit of work to do so figured I could tackle some of that first.

It’s continued to be one of those meh days for me, nothing quite going right and maybe I should have stayed in bed or at least go out the other side! Aah well, tomorrow’s another day and all that. I had to go into town for 5pm so decided to cycle in and then onto the gym to see about this long run and then planned to cycle back after – part of the reason for this wasn’t sure if I was going to be in the right headspace for my long run so at least if it all went belly up I could at least count the cycling for my Juneathon effort especially as it’s not something I would usually do – i’d just drive usually. Unfortunately I couldn’t record my way in on my Garmin as I’d left everything all a bit last minute and didn’t have time to wait for it to come on but according to googlemaps the route in was 2.26 miles.

Good job i had that plan in place – managed 1.10 miles on the treadmill before calling it a day…will just move my long run to tomorrow instead, no point forcing it when my heads just not in it.

On the plus side today has been a beautiful sunny day here in Cambridge so by getting out on my bike I got to enjoy some of it 🙂

Junk-food wise not great either – had a piece of cake after my open water swim session yesterday – had it before I even remembered I wasn’t meant to be, d’oh, that’s what happens when you’re a greedy gannet like me! Then today I attacked a pack of Jaffa cakes…could have been worse I guess but could have been better too – i.e. not had any at all!

Ah well, fresh slate tomorrow on many levels!

Day 5 Stats:

  • Cycled 2.26 miles into town in 10 mins (Av. mph: 13.1)
  • Cycled 2.73 miles from town to the gym in 12:33 (Av. mph: 13.6)
  • Ran 1.10 miles in 9:47 (Av. pace: 8:53/mile)
  • Cycled 1.93 miles in 8:18 (Av. mph: 14.0)
  • Steps (day 4): 5162
  • Junk food: Jaffa cakes 😦
  • Completed 5/5

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