I didn’t leave work until 9:40 this evening so that scuppered my plans for my long run for tonight so instead all because it’s Juneathon and the GCC corporate steps challenge I dashed home, grabbed my swimming stuff and was in the pool ready to swim by 10:21. The pool is open until 11 apparently but I wasn’t sure if that meant just the pool and the gym was open a bit later or the gym itself closed at 11pm too, just to be safe I decided I’d swim until no later than 10:50 so there’d be no chance of me getting locked in or anything similarly daft!

I swam 50 lengths front crawl in 28 mins so not too bad especially seeing as I’d not eaten since lunchtime! Have to say I really enjoyed the swimming tonight especially after the long day I’d had, it was just what I needed 🙂 (even if my Mum thought I was a loon for going!)

So another day done 🙂

Day 6 Stats:

  • Swam 50 lengths in 28 mins (0.78 miles)
  • Steps (day 5): 3112
  • Junk food: 1 Twix (it was a tough day, could have been worse!)