Today was the Lee Valley Aquathlon for me. It’s run on a monthly basis during the summer starting in May and the last one in September and consists of an open water swim and run and there are two distance options to choose from: 250m swim and 3Km run or 500m swim and 5.5Km run, I have always done the slightly longer option (although I often regret this choice on the night!). This is my 3rd year doing it, when we started doing it in 2014 we only joined for the August and September ones but last year did pretty much all of them I think. I didn’t manage the May one this year so this was my first one this year. I wasn’t feeling too bad about it until I got this e-mail yesterday afternoon…

Dear Athletes,
A quick note to inform you we will be running tonight’s aquathlon unless there is lightning. At present we are running the aquathlon as normal and we are monitoring the weather closely.
If there is a risk of lighting during the event we may have to delay or cancel the event depending on the severity of the storm.

Eeek…I really do not like thunder and lightning so this was not good. A friend of mine also doing it kept giving me regular weather updates to try and reassure me. Luckily there were a few splatters of rain on our way down but it held off then until we’d finished…phew! I drove another friend down to it who was doing the slightly shorter one as she’s just coming back from injury. When we arrived it said the water temperature was 20°C, I wasn’t sure how much I believed it after Saturday’s 14°C but yes, it was probably the warmest I’ve swam in it and I think I could have probably just swum it in my trisuit rather than wetsuit…next time! It’s a good event to do for getting used to open water starts with lots of people and multiple heats so there’s lots of bashing around and people trying to swim over you…not so nice but a safer environment to get used to it than on race day in a bigger event. I survived it and quite enjoyed it parts of it tbh although as I was doing my 1st lap of the swim and reaching the 1st buoy I felt a bit of a stinging sensation on my leg and thought to myself can there be anything in here that could sting/bite me (as it’s all very man made) and thought no more of it until I’d finished and had a mark on my leg that had turned to this by this morning…

2016-06-08 08.11.55

with four smaller ones on the same foot! & they hurt and itch all at the same time 😦

It was also really nice to be able to do the Aquathlon with my friends Cathryn and David so yes, we will be doing next month’s too 🙂

Day 7 Stats:

  • Swim: 500m in 13:10 (including transition)
  • Run: 5.5K (5.71K on my Garmin) in  30:42 (Av. 8:40/mile)
  • Steps (day 6): 3266
  • Junk food: Chocolate mousse with lunch (but only as fuel for Aquathlon, honest!)
  • Completed: 7/7 days

2016-06-08 00.42.08

My aims at the start of Juneathon per week were:

  • Run 3-4 x a week (including one long run a week)
  • Cycle 2-3 x a week (one to be a spin class)
  • Swim 2-3 x a week (ideally one to be open water)
  • Reformer Pilates 1 x a week
  • Increase my steps – not drive places I could walk or get there another way such as on my bike etc.
  • Cut out ALL junk from my diet and start eating only good food again and as a result hopefully shed some pounds too! 

So for week 1 I managed to meet the above (apart from the junk food bit!), lets see how the remaining weeks of Juneathon go! (downhill I imagine 😉 )

End of Week 1 Stats:

  • Run: 14.8 miles (consisted of 4 runs (but no long run)
  • Swim: 3 miles (4 swim sessions, 2 open water)
  • Bike: 63.3 miles (1 spin class, 1 long bike ride and some commuter rides)
  • Junk food: Piece of cake, 1 Twix, some jaffa cakes, chocolate mousse!! Even still some lbs lost 🙂
  • I did go to a Reformer Pilates class too but it was on 31st May!
  • 7/7 complete