As well as the bite on my legs and ones on my feet I also woke up with two quite gammy eyes this morning and the worser of the two has continued to weep all day from the side making the skin round my eye area on that side really quite red and sore so feeling a bit sorry for myself 😦 I had a really busy day at work again today and looks like tomorrow will be more of the same but then I’m off to Hastings for the weekend so just need to keep focused on that! Anyways, I didn’t finish in time to safely go for a run outside and didn’t have a lot of time as needed to go to Sainsbury’s too before they closed at 11 so just a very measly 1.4miles on the treadmill today for my Juneathon effort. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time tomorrow to do a bit more although saying that I already know I would like to go to Reformer Pilates after work but haven’t yet booked it as you still get charged if you cancel less than 24hrs before the class and I just don’t know yet if I’ll finish on time…fingers crossed 🙂

Day 8 Stats:

  • Ran 1.4 miles on the treadmill in 12:20 (Av. pace: 8:56/mile)
  • Steps (day 7): 6104
  • Junk food: Yes – Cadbury’s chocolate fingers – why are they so nice 😉
  • 8/8 (just…must try better)

2016-06-08 22.19.46