Thursday (day 9) was a very busy day at work for me with lots to do in the lab and a very late finish, not having even finished everything. During the course of the day my leg with the bite on ballooned and I ended up having to go to A&E on my way home as no pharmacies were open by this stage and it felt like it was starting to spread up my leg  plus I was in a lot of pain by this point. Turns out it’s cellulitis and I was given antibiotics 4 times a day, 2 at each time so a total of 8 a day and some codeine for the pain and was told if it didn’t improve in the next 48-72 hrs I have to go back to go on a drip instead. This meant no Juneathon or exercise for me on day 9 other than my steps which were actually 16084 (most likely won’t have helped the situation) and none other than a low level of steps since. I am having to keep it elevated and just hope it goes rather than turn into another infection which can sometimes happen. Just can’t still believe how quickly it turned from a tiny bite into something quite different! It doesn’t seem to be getting worse in the last 48+ hours and the pain is slightly easing so fingered crossed the antibiotics are doing their stuff, it does completely scupper my Juneathon plans for now though and pretty much everything else 😦

I’ll see how things are once I finish the antibiotics at the end of the week and maybe continue again from there.

Hope the rest of Juneathon 2016 goes well for the rest of you 🙂

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20160610_162028  (Thursday night/Fri am)

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