Juneathon 2016 – Day 2…Jumbled tri

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Today I headed back to  the spinning class at the gym after a long absence. Recently they refurbished our gym and basically snazzied everything up, one of the early parts of this  was refreshing the spin studio and changing the spin bikes. I haven’t been since it’s been done and think I was kind of putting it off as didn’t know what to expect and if I’d know what to do if the bike set up was different etc. etc. and as one of my commitments for Juneathon is at least one spin class a week i thought I better bite the bullet so to speak and get on with it. I needn’t have worried, luckily there weren’t too many there and I asked a friendly looking lady close by me for the basics, the instructor went over things too briefly. The new bikes (probably not that new now but new to me!) are very nice, I definitely prefer them to the old ones, they’re stage bikes I think if that means anything? It was a 45 min class and there was no messing around plus not a lot of let up in between tracks. All good though, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with spinning – I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite thing to do by any stretch but I certainly get a good workout from it (i don’t sweat half as much in any of the other classes I do that’s for sure!) and I really do see results in terms of stamina/endurance so it’s something worth doing. Having said that I think I enjoyed tonight’s class probably the most I’ve enjoyed a spin class so maybe things are changing. 45 mins done and 14.5 miles clocked up, job done. I then decided to go for a run on the treadmill and rather than do a distance for once I ran for a set time; 30 mins. I clocked up 3.43 miles in half an hour on the treadmill so not too bad. I finished it all off with 40 lengths front crawl in the pool which was particularly nice as there were only 2 others in there with me, happy days 🙂

Day 2 Stats:

  • 45 min Spin Class – clocked up 14.5 miles
  • 3.43 miles run on treadmill in 30 mins (Av. pace: 8:46/mile)
  • Swam 40 lengths front crawl in 22 mins
  • Junk food: None 🙂
  • Steps (from day 1): 4233 (have a lot of desk work at the mo!!)
  • 2/2 days done

Realise I didn’t post a pic from my run on the treadmill last night so here it is…better late than never 😉

2016-06-01 21.24.36



Juneathon 2016…I’m in! Day 1

So, it’s that time again…another ‘anathon. I didn’t manage to complete Janathon 2016 as moved house in Jan and just too much s*** going on! But, the timing for Juneathon is good and just what I need right now to keep me in line and get back on track and stop with the all the excuses! I took some full on time out from everything for the first few months of 2016 and last few months of 2015 tbh and then decided to enter lots of races to motivate me to get back into my running…slight mistake perhaps! 1st 10K was on 17th April and I ran my 1st 10K on the Friday night before it on a treadmill just to be sure I could do the distance before the race on the Sunday! Before that I’d run maybe one 4 miler and a couple of 5K’s…eek! I knew it wasn’t going to be good, not helped by the fact that we’d not had great weather beforehand so it was basically a massive mudfest and I spent most of my time just tying to stay upright. I did finish it though, certainly not my best time but hey no surprise either with the lack of training. Fast forward to the 1st May bank holiday and my next 10K…had I learnt my lesson and trained more for this one? Nope, think I ran once since the 1st 10K! Luckily it was a great course and weather – perhaps even a little hot so I again completed it and 5 mins quicker than the 1st but could have done significantly better had I prepared properly. So in between haven’t not learnt my lesson I then signed up to a half marathon at the beginning of July thinking it might kick my ass into gear…really after how things had gone to date?! I also signed up to an Olympic distance tri at the end of July and am expected (as a close friend is one of the organisers) to do a work bike ride at the end of June either 67 or 100 mile option (thinking even the 67 mile option is a stretch too far right now!). I have also been signed up for another work thing which starts 1st June until September which is a corporate steps challenge so generally lots in the pipeline and still need to get my ass in gear. I have been trying to get some routine with my running so trying for ~3-4 runs a week but that’s only been for the last 3-4 weeks and it’s tough – it’s been like starting all over again, my stamina is gone, I’m carrying more weight than I’d like so making it harder and trying to get my running back but it’s hard. I had another 10K race last weekend which was off road and pretty technical, it was one I actually did last year and twisted my ankle just over 2 miles in but continued on it so was pretty wary this year. Have to say this was the 1st 10K race this year I kind of enjoyed, my time matched that of the 10K from the May bank holiday however this was a lot more challenging so I was happy enough with that, it was still slower than my time last year even with a twisted ankle…but hey let’s not focus on that! I have done a couple of parkruns too and have managed to cut a couple of mins off my time in just a few weeks so starting slowly to perhaps see some progress but need to keep the effort going so Juneathon is great timing for me 🙂 One thing I have been doing regularly is my Reformer Pilates class, 2-3 x a week since February – the main reason for this being I got an e-mail saying I still had 22 classes that would expire at the end of April and bearing in mind they’re not cheap I got my ass in gear and started back at Reformer Pilates…really should never have stopped, so glad I returned and I managed to use them all up without having to lose any 🙂 Have had to go back to just once a week now though at the price they are they’re not more than a once a wk kind of thing which is tough as I’d got kind of used to the luxury of being able to go 2-3 x a week, oh well!

I usually try to run everyday for an ‘anathon but with having a half at the beginning of July I am going to not run everyday but increase my levels of exercise in all areas and commit to the following:

  • Run 3-4 x a week (including one long run a week)
  • Cycle 2-3 x a week (one to be a spin class)
  • Swim 2-3 x a week (ideally one to be open water)
  • Reformer Pilates 1 x a week
  • Increase my steps – not drive places I could walk or get there another way such as on my bike etc.
  • Cut out ALL junk from my diet and start eating only good food again and as a result hopefully shed some pounds too!

This is going to be a lot for me to do and definitely significantly more than my current weekly activities but that’s what the ‘anathon’s are all about right – challenging yourself and upping your game however you choose to do that and hopefully feeling the benefits by the end of the month 🙂 Enjoy!

So grand plans and all that did I fancy doing anything today by the time I got in…did I heck?! It was most certainly one of those days when had it not been for Juneathon I would most likely have done nothing today, as it was I didn’t head to the gym until 8:45, must improve if I’m to last to day 30!

Day 1 Stats:

  • Ran 3.10 miles on treadmill in 27:34 (Av. pace: 8:55/mile)
  • Swam 40 lengths in 25 mins (1Km)
  • Steps – will add following day
  • Junk food – nil (so far!!)

Janathon 2016 – days 9 to ???

Oops, it’s all gone  a bit Pete Tong for me this Janathon 😦

I started off well but always knew I’d struggle to keep up the momentum with moving house during it.

Although I may not have done official Janathon logging and blogging there’s certainly been a lot of exercise going on during the move – lots of lunges, squats, weight lifting amongst other things! My whole body has ached on many evenings recently  as if I had just done a really hardcore exercise class only I hadn’t!

The move went well – it was all very full on – I collected the keys on the Wednesday, had new carpets fitted on the Thursday, had the place cleaned on the Friday and moved in on the Saturday, had to hand back the keys to the old property on the Sunday after doing the garden etc. whilst also unpacking here and then back to work on the Monday! My Mum and Dad came Sat-Sun to help with the move and were just amazing, they made everything so much easier. It was still hard enough with their help but would have been a whole different ball game without all their help and support 🙂

I’ve been without a landline/broadband/tv at home since last Sat (day 9) which started out quite refreshing at the beginning of the week but I was glad to finally got connected last night!

So, I’m out for Janathon 2016 but will hopefully be back for Juneathon 2016 🙂

Good luck to everyone on their Janathon journey, hope you succeed in achieving whatever your goals for the month are, from the small snippets I’ve read sounds like everyone’s on form this year 🙂

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Janathon 2016 – Day 8 – Hula hooping


My  day 8 Janathon effort was 5 minutes hula hooping in between packing! Stretching it a bit I know but it was a lot of fun and not something I’ve done for ages…wasn’t sure I could still do it but then it all came back, something I’ll definitely have to do more of 🙂
2016-01-08 22.03.00  2016-01-08 22.03.01

Thanks to my housemate Sarah for taking the pics when she had much more pressing things to do!

Day 8 Stats:

5 mins Hula hooping 😉

Janathon 2016 – Day 6 & 7- Token plank and swim & sauna

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Boy it’s been a busy couple of days and that’s not going to change anytime soon! I completed on my house yesterday (woo hoo!) and also took on my Mum’s car – she is getting a new one and has traded in my old one as it’s on it’s last legs 😦 but on the flip side I get a snazzier car with way less miles on and feel like I’ll make it to the end of a journey without the little niggles in the back of my mind.

Amongst all this I have quite a lot on at work this week that I need to get sorted so I’m probably doing 3/4 days there and fitting it round what I need to do here.

We’re moving on Saturday and have to hand the keys back on Sunday so I have a small bit of time between the two, good job ‘cos I certainly need it! How do you accumulate so much stuff?! We’ve been here 3.5 years and I have way more stuff than when we arrived that’s for sure. I spent a fair bit of the Christmas break sorting mainly and some packing but I still have a lot to do and starting to feel a bit like times running out to get everything done in time…eeek! Luckily we have to get the house professionally cleaned as part of our tenancy agreement but we also have to sort out the front and back garden and shed so here’s hoping Sunday is a good weather day!

I had planned a run and possibly swim at the gym on the way back from meeting my Dad for Janathon for day 6 but I got diverted on the A14 on my way back and it pretty much doubled my journey…arrgh! In the end I had to settle for a token plank, I did a minute…but only just, crikey it was hard!

Today I had new carpets laid in the new place, they’re lovely 🙂

Today’s Janathon effort was 48 lengths front crawl which was a toughie – arms still aching from Body Combat on Tues, but followed it up with a sauna…just what I needed 🙂

So no running everyday and it’s only the end of week 1, also no Pilates class, but I knew this would be a tough week fitting it all in with the move as well so hopefully more normal service will resume next week when things are a bit quieter.

Day 6 and 7 Stats:

1 minute plank

48 lengths (0.75 miles) front crawl in 26 minutes

Week 1 Stats:

13.4 miles run

1 mile swum

1 hr Body Combat

1 token plank

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Janathon 2016 – Day 5

One of my aims for the month was to go to Body Combat once a week, tonight was that night and yes I managed to go…woo hoo! It’s an early enough class – 6-7pm and from previous experience running is not really an option for me afterwards. So I had a grand plan that I’d get to the gym early and do my run first…yeah right, I ended up with 5 mins spare before the class started so I ran 0.5 miles. The class was brilliant, the guy who runs it is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and can’t help but get you motivated, think I’ll feel it tomorrow though!

At the end of the class I hit the treadmill again but my body was saying a big fat no  and my head just wasn’t in it so I managed another 0.5 miles before giving up. I went for a swim instead (first one of 2016!) but again by ~5 lengths in my arms were feeling the burn and my body was screaming no! So I battled on until I’d done a measly 16 lengths and then hit the sauna…that bit was nice 🙂


Day 5 Stats:

0.5 miles in 4:44 (Av. pace: 9:26/mile)

1hr Body Combat

0.5 miles in 4:45 (Av. pace: 9:27/mile)

16 lengths (0.25 miles) front crawl in 9 mins

2016-01-05 17.56.31-1 2016-01-05 19.15.45


Janathon 2016 – Day 4 – Is it only Monday?

I read a post on Facebook today which pretty much summs up how I feel and I’m sure many others today…’Much as I love where I work and the people there, I could really do with another couple of weeks of not getting up at 6.30 at least’.

I had thought I would go back to my Monday night ladies running group this week – not been in what feels like forever but noticed it was a track session – 600m with 200m recovery and I knew I wasn’t feeling up for that for sure!

I was home on time tonight as I had a removals guy coming round ahead of my move at the weekend. This should have meant I would get my run done early in the evening and perhaps even a swim as well, this was sadly not the case. One tired lady today and as a result I instead started on a box of Maltesers and had too many to mention and as if that wasn’t enough I then went on and had some shortbread biscuits with a large glass of milk, all very lovely but certainly not conducive to getting a run in early or late in the evening & kind of throws my healthy living intentions for Jan out the window in one fell swoop! Ahh well, better day tomorrow and all that!

It was definitely an evening of procrastination but finally I got in the car at 9:47pm and headed for the gym to get my run done – not the 4.5 miles I’d postponed from yesterday but still 5K so could have been better but could have been a whole lot worse too! I put my music on, opted for something that I can switch off to and just run, this usually works for me…Mixmag presents: Duck Sauce and got my run done 🙂 Considering the time I was in there I was surprised by the number of people, significantly more than last night, lets see how long that lasts!

Day 4 Stats:

3.11 miles run on treeadmill in 28:49 (Av. pace: 9:15/mile)

2016-01-04 22.34.15

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